Hospice Associates Foundation is a non-profit organization serving the Greater New Orleans and Greater Baton Rouge area.

The goals of Hospice Associates Foundation are

  • To educate the public on hospice care and end of life issues faced by patients and caregivers facing a life-limiting illness.
  • To be a resource for the community seeking information about related to hospice care and choices related to life threatening illnesses, death and dying, and grief and bereavement.
  • To assist hospice patients and caregivers in meeting some of the needs that may occur while under hospice care such as non-hospice medications & supplies, sitters, food supplements, rental assistance, utility bill assistance and other significant matters.  By assisting with some of these burdensome needs, the Foundation helps to reduce worry and concerns for the patient and caregiver so they may focus on quality time with each other.

Hospice Associates Foundation is supported by memorial donations from loved ones; individuals, families and organizational donors who support hospice care; as well as local and national fundraising programs.

Donations in support of the Foundation can be send payable to Hospice Associates Foundation, 3941 Houma Blvd, Suite 1A, Metairie, LA 70006

If you would like to know other ways you can get involved or support the efforts of Hospice Associates Foundation, please contact us at 504-457-2200.

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