Over the past few years, Hospice Associates has partnered with NeedyMeds.org to help bring our community more access to medications.  We have distributed thousands of cards at community health fairs, area hospitals, doctor’s office, clinics and more.  Many are using the card and have seen some significant savings.

Do I have to be a Hospice Associates patient to use the card?

Absolutely not!  The card can be used by anyone who chooses to use it to save cost on medications and supplies at the pharmacy. Hospice Associates is just a community partner helping to bring awareness of this resource to the community.

How does it work?

Save up to 80% on prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, medical supplies and pet prescriptions purchased at pharmacy if written as a prescription.

Always free — no fees or registration

Can be used by anyone — no financial, age, or residency restrictions

Anonymous — no personal tracking

Accepted at over 63,000 pharmacies nationwide

Use as often as needed

Never expires

Share with friends and family

Are there limitations?

The only rule is that you can’t combine it with insurance. So if you’re uninsured, you can use it anytime you are purchasing a medication out of pocket.

If you have health insurance, the card can fill in the gaps in your coverage. For example, if you have any medications not covered under your insurance or if you have a high co-pay or deductible, you could try using the card instead of your insurance.  If you have Medicare prescription coverage but are in the gap and have to pay out of pocket, you can use the discount card.

There are many ways that you can make use of the drug discount card. You can use the card yourself and share it with your family and friends! One family could use the same card and it never expires. You can even ask the pharmacist to add the card to your records so that it is on file if you decide to use in the future.

How is the NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card different than other free drug discount cards I have seen at my doctors office, grocery stores, etc.?

There is major difference between the NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card and the many others you have likely seen elsewhere. NeedyMeds does not request any personally identifying information from the pharmacy. One word: Anonymity!!  NeedyMeds does not collect and sell personal data to healthcare marketing companies as is typical with other drug discount cards. Use the NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card it in complete confidence. You will not receive marketing telephone calls from other companies trying to sell additional services or be added to marketing mailing lists when you use NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card. 

Can I use NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card if I already have another discount card?

Absolutely!! It is always your choice which free drug discount card you choose to use.  If you have a different card and want to switch to NeedyMeds for personal data security, just present your new card to the pharmacy and ask them to update your records with your new preferred NeedyMeds card.

Are you using a NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card?

If you are not, it’s time to print out your free card and start using it today! Print out a card right from our website that is ready to use and be brought to the pharmacy.  Click here to print your own card or stop by our office for a plastic wallet card for your family.

One more thing….Be on the Alert for NeedyMeds Look-Alikes

Some websites claiming to be NeedyMeds charge a fee for access to assistance programs. Don’t be fooled.

Are there other ways NeedyMeds can help me with healthcare savings?

Absolutely! Visit their website or call them to learn about other programs such as patient assistance programs, free and low cost clinics, MRI/CAT Scan discounts and more. Call

The toll-free helpline at (800) 503-6897 or visit their website for easy to find details at www.needymeds.org.

How can I talk to someone NeedyMeds and ask more questions?

If you have questions about NeedyMeds Drug Card or need assistance, simply call NeedyMeds toll-free helpline at (800) 503-6897.


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