Few things in life are harder than thinking about serious illness or the death of someone you love. Being in pain, being alone, feeling out of control, and being a burden to others are among the things we fear most.

Hospice care helps patients and their families deal with many of the challenges they face in a life-affirming, compassionate way that brings dignity, hope, love and helps them live every day as fully as possible.

Market research confirms that Americans want the basic services that hospice provides:

• Care at home or in a home-like setting
• Treatment that preserves one’s sense of dignity and respect 
• Emotional and spiritual support for patients and their families 
• Effective pain management

Too many families don’t understand how hospice provides care and support when it’s needed most.

“Moments of Life” is a national campaign, spearheaded by National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, that will dispel some of those misconceptions that keep people from taking advantage of all that hospice has to offer. Hospice Associates is proud to present “Moments of Life” over the next few weeks.  

Join us on Hospice Associates Facebook page for a monthly series of video post starting tonight at 7pm where you are sure to gain understanding and appreciation on how Hospice makes more meaningful moments possible.

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