“All People Matter”

WHEREAS, the primary mission of the Social Work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet thebasic needs of all people, especially the most vulnerable in society.

WHEREAS, Social Work Pioneers helped lead America’s struggle for social justice;
WHEREAS, Social Workers know that poverty and trauma can create lifelong social and economic disadvantages;

WHEREAS, Social Workers know that discrimination of any kind limits human potential and must be eliminated;WHEREAS, Social Workers stand up for individuals and support diverse families in every community;

WHEREAS, Social Workers help people in every stage of life function better in their environments, improve theirrelationships with others, and solve personal and family problems;

WHEREAS, all children have the right to safe environments and quality education;
WHEREAS, dignity and caregiving for older adults help define a nation’s character;
WHEREAS, veterans and their families need community support to ensure successful transitions after service;WHEREAS, access to mental health treatment and health care services saves millions of lives;

WHEREAS, Social Workers are change agents who put the ideals of citizenship into action every day;WHEREAS, Social Workers believe in shared prosperity and opportunity for everyone;
WHEREAS, Social Work research and advocacy turn community needs into national priorities;

WHEREAS, Social Workers celebrate the courage, hope and strength of the human spirit throughout their careers;

NOW THEREFORE, in recognition of the numerous contributions made by America’s 600,000 Social Workers, March is proclaimed as National Social Work Month and we call upon all citizensto join with the National Association of Social Workers and Hospice Associates in celebration and support ofthe Social Work profession. 

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