Palliative Care

Symptom and Pain Management
Provided at Home

Palliative care is a team-based methodology emphasizing symptom management and support for patients facing difficult medical decisions while struggling with the challenges of coping with serious illness. Dr. Ricardo Febry personally oversees and develops each patient’s palliative treatments to ensure that each of our patients’ medical care fits their individual pain management needs. Palliative care can be combined with curative treatment during any stage of a severe illness, such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. Palliative care is also a practical option for those not ready for hospice care but may benefit from a customized care approach. Many times, a person with a life-limiting illness has a difficult time finding purpose in their lives. Palliative Care providers can help the patients and their family’s address issues, expectations, hopes, needs, and fears. Often, when receiving palliative care, many patients experience a better quality of life and reduced stress soon after their symptoms have been brought under control.

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