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Southern Louisina Hospice Care

Physician Managed Hospice & Palliative Care

The people that reside in southern Louisina are well known for their sense of community, generous nature, and strong family bonds. Whenever tough times occur, the residents of Louisina have a reputation for coming together and supporting one another, just as they did when Katrina rained destruction upon Louisiana’s parishes. Sadly, life has many storms, and while the forces of nature cause most storms, others are simply a part of living. Likely none more heartbreaking than when a person we care about develops a terminal illness. Even so, these storms happen to all of us. Eventually, we will all have to suffer through the loss of a loved one because all of our lives will ultimately come to its end.

When someone we love is coming to the end of their life, most of us are ill prepared and often at a loss as to where to turn for the assistance we need to help us through this challenging and often unfamiliar aspect of life. In many instances, hospice is the answer we need to support us through the difficulties of caring for our loved ones full-time.

Many Louisina residents most likely believe that hospice is a place that terminally ill people go to die. But, hospice isn’t a place, and it isn’t about dying. The truth is, hospice is a compassionate, holistic medical treatment that improves the quality of life for our patients and their families. It also makes it possible for people with a terminal condition to experience the best life attainable with the time they have been given.

Hospice also makes it possible for people nearing the end of their lives to continue to  live in their homes with their family members close to them. As a matter of fact, ninety percent of people who embrace hospice as a form of treatment continue to remain in their residences up until they pass on. It doesn’t matter if they live in a house, a retirement community, or an apartment because hospice is almost always conducted in a patient’s home, irrespective of the place they call home. Hospice Associates’ specialized staff will travel to your home and administer the compassionate care you or your loved one requires, and we will do it whenever you or your loved one needs it, any time, day or night. Hospice Associates is only a phone call away.