“My mother was 88. She had brain damage from a fall, and she never did come out of it. She got worse each day. She’d spent 7 weeks in the hospital. We stayed with her 24 hours a day, we didn’t leave her. There was always somebody there. We spent the hurricane at the hospital. I had hurt my foot, there was no way I could exchange places with my sister, so I spent four days and four days in the pitch black garage. By Friday, we decided we were going home, hoping it was still there.

The doctor said, she’s not going to get better, so we knew that. I told them, I want to take my mother home. I didn’t want to leave my mother in the hospital, I wanted to take her home with us. We were so glad we did.

We only had our mother home for two days, but the service we had from Hospice Associates was wonderful. She came home on Tuesday, and the bed was waiting for her. For those two days they showed us everything we needed to do, how to bathe her, how not to put too much compress, everything. They showed us what we could do and what we should do, and they expained everything we needed to do. I used to feed her. Unfortunately it wasn’t for a very long, time, just a few days, but they sure did help us. Anything we needed, they had for us.

We had never experienced anything like that before, and immediately they came to help us. They were right there when we needed them, to the very end. When she passed away, they were right there—they were holding our hands.”

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